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Engineer, Consultant, Investor, Illustrator, Writer, Linguist, Web Designer 
      *Spoiler alert: it gets sad before the happy ending


Focus a while on those and you'll see a lot of letters repeated that really make your eyes water. Mine are simple, and warm, with loving parents who supported my love for books and travel. They still do.

run, ROBOT, run

I have been an A.I. engineer, a consultant, an investor, and an entrepreneur. I worked with cheese for a time, then gelato, with mountains of spreadsheets, sold drugs (the pharmacy kind). I was lucky to work with supportive people who always helped me to grow. 

For years I worked nights, weekends and holidays, with non-stop meetings, destinations, and deadlines. There were parties, too, and desert islands, frozen glaciers and a memorable race against time on a single-propeller plane with no seat-belts (but plenty of chickens). 

hitting the WALL

I was progressing, but only professionally. Investing, but only in physical assets. Meeting people, but only superficially. I was too busy to see what was right in front of me. I was unhappy. 

I worked and built and climbed, telling myself all would be fine once I reached the next milestone.

It made my stomach hurt, my bones hurt, my hair fall out.  I ended up in hospital, more than once.

Something had to change.

learning to stand still

I had to make great sacrifices, which not everyone understood. One sunny day, I found the courage to pack a bag and leave.

Now I cross continents by van, motorcycle, helicopter and submarine. In every place, I meet incredible people. These experiences inspire me to make the most of each day.

I am learning that satisfaction comes from doing what you love, not what makes the most money. 

That memorable travel is savoured at a gentle pace, and that people come and go, but to a precious few, you should hold on. 

I'm also learning to stand still, and not compare myself with others. Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind. The race is long, and in the end, it is only with yourself

I want  to share what I have learnt. I write stories and paint pictures about the little things ​we shouldn't take for granted. I hope you enjoy them.

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