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SWB: Vote on new features and content!

#1, August 2020


- Hello!

- Vote NOW! new feature

- Insta Top Tips: Cash in on your Art!

- 10-minute art content of the Week

Great news: OUR COMMUNITY is GROWING: this email/blog allows more advanced features like voting and competitions: please see below and vote on what new features you want to see! We are thrilled that so many of you have offered to help out:

- Please help us by sharing our community with other artists! I am constantly looking for artists who share actively on Instagram, but it could go much faster with your help!

- We welcome new ideas on how to make the community better!


We want to create SUPER EASY ways to increase exposure for our members. This is a possible new feature:

- Every week a small judge panel will select one post from the Dx4 submitted in the group (we will change the winner every week!)

- Community members can share the chosen post as an Instagram Story on their feed with the message: "Check out this fellow artist! @artistname"

Sharing the page of other artists on your Stories will be TOTALLY OPTIONAL but there are many great reasons to participate:

1. You are providing GREAT EXPOSURE for a fellow artist (!) and making a new friend ;)

2. Your followers will interact with your post, increasing your engagement rate

3. It is quick content for your feed

Please vote in the Poll section if you would like this feature! If there is enough interest we will do our best to implement it.


The hard work is done: the art is created, and then you put it into a folder or a drawer - where it will never make you any money - and you forget about it. But if it is a good piece, trying to make some money from it is easier than you might think. Art accounts with an online shop always seem to feel a little more professional!

1. Digital Illustration

Would your work look good on a cushion? A water bottle? A t-shirt? Or simply as a print on a wall? Society6, RedBubble, Zazzle, Visual and many others allow you to do this easily. It takes 30 minutes to set up a shop and upload your art, and let them do all the work, and collect between 5-20% commission on any sales, depending on the website.

Don't forget to add a link on your Insta bio, and let your followers show their support!

2. Physical artwork

If you make finished physical pieces, check out Etsy and Artsy. Again, setting up a virtual shop is easy. They manage the platform and payments and you fulfill the orders yourself.

If you have your own website, you can keep the greatest share of the profit and sell through your Instagram and Facebook. Check out SWB member for an excellent example of how to sell directly on Instagram. All website builders like Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace etc. have easy to use plug-ins that connect to Facebook and Instagram so you can sell directly through these platforms.

Why not look back over your work and see if there's anything worth trying to make some money from?


Colour plays a vitally important role in art: alone or in combinations with others it can sway thinking and emotion and completely change the mood of a piece of work. Planning a colour palette at the start of a project is critical - yet many of use rush in and regret it later.

If you haven't spent any time learning about colour theory, it's about time. This short video from BlenderGuru as an introduction is sure to get your imagination rolling.


Phew - first little update done for the community!

Please continue to send us your suggestions, support and artist friends, and we will continue to work to make this group a valuable resource for you!

Keep in touch, and keep creating.

- Dario


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